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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, California — The AAAS Pacific Division Alan E. Leviton Student Research Fund was initiated by the Pacific Division's Executive Committee at its 2006 meeting in South San Francisco. The purpose of this fund is to make awards of up to $750 each to support research projects that are parts of students' advanced degree programs. Awards are expected to be made on an annual basis.
   CONGRATULATIONS to our 2017 award winner:
Cyler Norman Conrad, Department of Anthropology, University of New Mexico. Advisor: Megumi Fuse. Project: Long-term Stable Isotope Ecology of Galápagos Tortoises (Chelonoidis sp). Award: $750.

   The deadline to apply for the next round of awards is 1 May 2018. CLICK HERE for additional information.

ASHLAND, Oregon — For decades, the Pacific Division of AAAS has provided a training ground for young scientists to present their research findings and rub shoulders with more senior researchers in a relaxed yet scientifically rigorous environment. To continue this tradition, the Pacific Division offers a number of enticements to encourage and help students to attend the annual meetings and present their research, either orally or as posters. Check out the Pacific Division! For additional information, click the links below or CLICK HERE to contact the Executive Director of the Pacific Division!

Sushan Han

AAASPD Student Programs:

Student Research Awards

Travel Grants for Student Presenters at Annual Meetings

Student Awards of Excellence
for presentations made at Annual Meetings

Award Winners at Annual Meetings:
2017 in Waimea, HI
2016 in San Diego, CA
2015 in San Francisco, CA
2014 in Riverside, CA
2013 in Las Vegas, NV
2012 in Boise, ID
2011 in San Diego, CA
2010 in Ashland, OR
2009 in San Francisco, CA
2008 in Waimea, HI
2007 in Boise, ID
2006 in San Diego, CA
2005 in Ashland, OR

Vinu Venkatramun  
"AAAS was my first conference meeting and it turned out to be a very eventful one. Getting first place in the field of sensor technology has really boosted my confidence. Symposia and knowledge on competing research activities helped me to delve deeper into this field."
-Vinu Venkantraman

"The AAASPD meeting was very student friendly; organizers were readily accessible and willing to help with any and every question. I was surprised at the amount of [under]graduate presenters (younger students in academia) that were in attendance, which made me all the more comfortable...The AAASPD conference was by far the best science conference that I have attended in a long time.." -Uyi Osaseri, UCLA

Uyi was an award winner at the 2006 meeting in San Diego, CA.

Ellizabeth Morton

Award winner Elizabeth Morton, speaking about the Boise meeting: "I appreciated the chance to attend such a well-organized and eventful conference. I was particularly impressed with the abundance of opportunities to talk to and mingle with the guest lecturers. All in all, I came away with some welcome experience with presenting my research to people from a variety of disciplines." Photo courtesy herself.

Shawna Zimmerman   "This meeting [Boise] was a great oppor-
tunity for me, as an under-
graduate student, to see the other side of research. I have worked in one of my professor's
labs for just under two years and am very familiar with data collection and experimental setup. However, presentations and sharing data with the public was one thing I had never experienced. Presenting data to the scientific community made me see just how relevant the work in the lab is. It was also a great experience for me because I am now continuing onto graduate school and will soon participate in many more opportunities to share research. It was a difficult task, and at times, seemed overwhelming to organize the information in the best way and presenting the information to a room full of scientists made me fairly nervous. However, I believe this experience has helped me as a student as well as a professional and would recommend that all young scientists take advantage any similar opportunities that come their way." -Shawna Zimmermen. Shawna won an Award of Excellence for her presentation at the Pacific Division's 88th annual meeting in Boise, ID, June 2007. Photo courtesy herself.

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