99th Annual Meeting
Cal Poly Pomona
Pomona, California
June 11 - 15, 2018


The following symposia are in various stages of planning for the annual meeting. The listings below are tentative and subject to change. New symposia will be added as information is received from the organizers. Check this web site regularly for updated information. Inquiries can be emailed to aaaspd@sou.edu. If you plan to attend the meeting largely for one symposium, please call 541–552–6869 to confirm its status before committing travel funds.

Please bookmark this page and check back frequently, as this information is frequently updated as new information becomes available. Abstracts for all of the presentations are expected to be available for downloading by the end of April, perhaps earlier.

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(1) Strategies for Active Learning in Undergraduate Biology Education

Symposium Descriptions

(1) Strategies for Active Learning in Undergraduate Biology Education. Organizer: Julia Ruppell (Department of Biology, University of Portland, Portland, OR; ruppell@up.edu).
Half-day program, scheduled for TBA.

The process of engaging students in active learning is connected to positive learning outcomes. Many science departments in higher education are embracing this phenomenon by encouraging instructors to use more active learning in their courses. However, many instructors would benefit from increased knowledge of active learning methods and their usefulness for covering different content in their courses. Instructors benefit when they can learn from others about appropriate teaching strategies and methods along with their potential drawbacks, and this in turn benefits students. This symposium aims to engage faculty and students who are interested in promoting active learning in college science classrooms, especially for biology majors’ courses. We will hear from different presenters about the methods they use, what has worked well for their courses and potential hurdles to utilizing active learning in undergraduate education. The information in the presentations can be applied to inform instructional decision-making and future research about active learning in college science courses.

ABSTRACTS: Should be available here for downloading in late April.


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